All users are encouraged to read over and agree with below terms of use agreement before using Lang-8

Lang-8 Terms of Use Agreement

1 Defintion

Lang-8’s Terms of Use Agreement ( “Terms of Use” or “Agreement”) stipulates the relationship between the users (“you” or “user”) of the social networking service Lang-8 (“Lang-8” or “service”) and Lang-8, Inc (collectively, "us", "we" or "the Company").

This agreement applies to all relationships that arise from use of Lang-8. It states that by accessing or using our web site, you signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you cannot use Lang-8.

2 Personal Responsibility

All users use the website on the premise that he or she is personally responsible for the use of this service and that they liable for the being responsible for heeding the below words of caution.. We are in no way responsible for damages caused by someone who violates the terms of use.

1. Users are personally responsible for the text, data and other information that they store on the site.

2. Users will not share their password with a third party.

3. Users will not violate the copyrights, image rights, privacy rights or other rights of other users, a third party or the company.

4. Users will take responsibility for saving text, data or other information that was corrected by themselves or other users.

3. Data Management

The user acknowledges that saving and consistency of data and files is not guaranteed. We do not accept any responsibility for the loss of stored and saved files or data while using this service due to unforeseen circumstances.
When it is necessary to improve or perform maintenance on this service, we can reproduce, as well as perform other actions on, the data the user has saved on our server as necessary for the improvement or maintenance.

Copyright for data (information such as entries, corrected entries, comments to corrections, native language, languages learning) on the service is with either the user or the copyright holder for the data.
The user is assumed to have given unlimited permission to us to non-exclusively and for no compensation use data that is visible to non-members or publically available to all users of the service, for statistical research into natural language processing both in Japan and (including reproduction, screening, public transmission, display, distribution, transfer, leasing, translation, adaptation and publishing).
Further, the user does not exercise author’s personal rights. However when showing data to us or to third parties it is either limited to data that is visible to both members and non-members or used for statistical research into natural language processing and we will make the party being shown the data comply to the same.

4. Prohibitions

The below items are prohibited on Lang-8.

1. Discussions regarding religion, political problems or subjects that are controversial in other countries. (Lang-8’s goal is to provide a site that allows for mutual language education and exchange and such discussion topics are inappropriate.)

2. Items that violate laws or that incite, promote or solicit illegal activities.

3. Items that interfere with other users access or enjoyment of our service.

4. Items that interfere with the running of the site or the network.

Items that violate other users reputations, beliefs, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights or any other rights.

6. Items that libel, threaten, harass cause economic or mental harm, or in any way give disadvantage to another user.

7. Posting any expressions that express or imply discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender or age.

Posting any items containing pornography, nudity, obscenity, images of violence, or any other picture, word, etc. that could be deemed offensive by an average user.

9. Mailing or posting false and untrue information or deleting appropriate information.

10. Items advertising commercial products, propaganda or any other activities for the purpose of solicitation.

11. Items in which you claim to be someone else, a company or organization of which you are not a representative, or in any way falsify your connection or relationship to another person or organization.

12. Items that gather other users’ personal data.

13. Acts regarding entries that affect the service, such as copying, reproducing, uploading, disseminating or distributing company information without permission.

14. Any other items contrary to public order and common sense or that we deem to be inappropriate.

15. Editing or commenting on another users or group entries in bad faith.

If any of the above activities are confirmed, we reserve the right to take the appropriate action including expulsion from Lang-8 and billing for damages.

5. Handling User Information.

We respect the privacy of Lang-8 users, and will handle user information in accordance to our privacy policy.

6. Alteration of the Terms of Use

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms of Use at any time without further notice. If we do this, we will post the changes to these Terms of Use on this page and will indicate at the top of this page the date these terms were last revised.

7. Disclaimer

The company is in not responsible or liable in any manner for any damage caused to members in the use of this service. Nor are we responsible for any damage to any third party caused by a user and that resolving any damage caused by a user to a third party is the sole responsibility of the user.

8. Suspension or Termination of Service

In order to provide high quality service on a regular basis, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend service when we deem it to be appropriate without prior notification. In such situations, any damage caused to users is in no way our responsibility.

1. In the case of performing regular or emergency maitanence.

2. In the case that the system overloaded.

3. In the case that we determine that there was a disruption to the operation of services.

4. In the case that we deem it necessary to ensure the security of users.

5. In the case that we are unable to provide the service due to fires, power outages, etc.

6. In the case that we are unable to provide the service due to earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis or other natural disasters.

7. In the case that we are unable to provide the service due to war, riots, unrest, labor disputes, etc.

8. In any other case that we deem it necessary to suspend service for operational or technical reasons.

In addition, we reserve the right to permanently terminate part of all of the service. In this case, a notification concerning the end date of the service will be sent to users.

9. User Qualifications

You must be more than 16 years old to be eligible to use Lang-8. Registering using a false age or any other false information is prohibited. Lang-8 is in no way responsible for damages incurred as a result of false registration information. If we determine that a user has registered using a false age or any other false information, we will delete your profile with out prior notice and use of this service will be suspended.

10. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

This Terms of Use Agreement and its interpretation comply with the laws of Japan, and any dispute of any sort that arises between you and the company, the area in which the head office of Lang-8 is located will have exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial through mutual agreement.

Revised October 06, 2011
The revision of Clause 3 applies only to data, and only entries, corrected entries, and comments to corrections posted after the date of revision.
Provision of data to third parties under Clause 3 is only to take place from January 1 2012.
We request that users who do not wish for their data to be provided to third parties change their privacy settings to make their posts private or only available for My Friends to see as stipulated by us by the end of December 2011.
Data with privacy settings set to private or My Friends only at the end of December 2011 will not be provided to outside parties.

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